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Relax in our

Upstairs Spa

We are excited to feature TEETH WHITENING services, as well!

Only $179 for 3 20-minute whitening sessions. We recommend that the first two services are performed together, with the final session of whitening within no more than a week of your original appointment. Our sodium bicarbonate system produces amazing results, yet is gentle enough for sensitive teeth and gums. Great for brides, or anyone who wants to avoid an extra trip to the dentist!

Scissors offers a complete line of face, body, hand, and foot treatments, plus waxing and massage.

French design, add $5

Axxium Gel Laquer by OPI!
This is THE BEST polish! Fabulous OPI colors that don't chip or smudge for up to 2 weeks! Each coat of polish is cured under a UV light and remains flexible once dry, bending with the natural nail to prevent cracking. Finished nails stay shiny and beautiful for much longer than regular polish. Nails are dry and hard immediately after manicure . +$25 with any manicure.

Touch and Go
Nails filed to shape of your choice, buffed if necessary, fingers soaked, cuticles treated, hand and for-arm massage with lotion, polish color of your choice plus base and top coats to protect and keep your beautiful nails.$18

Smoothie Rub
Everything in "Touch and Go," plus exfoliating arm and hand massage treatment. $25

Hot Melt
If your hands hurt from working all day, or if arthritis pain is the culprit, hot paraffin will soothe those aches and you'll say "it's so worth it." $28

Relax with these foot treatments in a jetted tub or "on the rocks." We guarantee these will be your favorite pedicures! French design, add $5

Test the waters with this mini-dip. soak your feet clean and warm, and get an exfoliating calf and foot massage. Rub'n'Scrub does not include polish. $25

Soak feet in warm bubbly tub, massage legs and feet with moisturizing salt and oil scrub, treat cuticles, clip, file, buff nails, optional polish; base, color, and top coats. $35

Feet soak in warm bubbly bath, foot file buffing, exfoliating foot and leg massage, cuticle treatment, nail clipping, filing, buffing. Finish with leg and foot oil massage and choice of polish color, applied with base and top coat. $45
*Available with a moisturizing foot mask instead of extra exfoliation.

Cream Float
Float out the door with tingly feet. Deep foot and calf massage scrub enhances prepares feet for the ultimate minty aqua mask and steamy towels. Delivers circulation and smiles. Don't forget heel, cuticle, nail care, and optional polish. $55

Mini-Pedi (Children only)
Feet soak in bubbly warm tub, get soft scrubby massage, clip toe nails, massage with oil, base, color and top coat of polish. $20


Massage: A Certified Massage Therapist will discuss your needs and treat your muscles accordingly. Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, are among the massage techniques available. Full Body, One Hour, $80

Skin Care: Facials with Pevonia Botanica products start at only $65

Instant Tan: Our Airbrush Tan is a natural-looking bronze, never orange color with a pleasant aroma. Our Fake Bake brand solution does not stain clothing, and lets you see your tan the second you have it sprayed on. See preparation notes before making an appointment.
Partial, $25, Full Body, $35.

Preparation notes: Tanning solution does not stain clothes permanently, however, we advise wearing darker, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Make sure to shave and exfoliate your skin as close to your appointment time as possible. Evenly moisturized skin is ideal for even tan absorption, but do not put lotion on the day of the service. Deodorant will also effect the outcome of the tan, so please remove it before your service.

Hair Removal:Experience optimal results and comfort with innovative techniques and specialized wax formulas in a relaxing private room. With each session, hair grows back slower and softer.

Eyebrow, $12
Lip, $8
Neck (Men), $12
Back/Chest, $40 &up
Arms, $20 &up
Legs, Below Knee, $40
Legs, Above knee, $48
Legs, Full, $55
Close Bikini Line, $45
Brazilian Strip, $55
Sphynx (complete thong bikini area), $65
Buttocks, $20

Temporary Tattoos:
A variety of colors and design stencils make airbrush tattoos special for all fun-loving people. Small, $5 Medium, $10, Large, $15
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